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World Transport Overseas (WTO) is one of the fastest growing freight forwarding companies in the region with subsidiaries in Bulgaria, Serbia, Slovenia, Croatia and Romania.

Drawing on over 15 years of experience and a staff of seasoned logisticians, the company provides innovative and technologically advanced solutions to meet even the most challenging logistical demands. Our strong global network of agents, advanced ERP system, the continuous focus on quality and constantly evolving e-capabilities are the main pillars for providing true door- to-door service and effective and efficient supply chain management solutions needed by our customers in order to stay competitive today.

World Transport Overseas facts in brief:

  • WTO was founded in 2001 with offering container transport service.
  • In 2004 WTO starts offering inland transport within Europe.
  • Admission into EU in 2007, help significantly freight forwarding business in Bulgaria.
  • In 2007 WTO established it’s office in Varna.
  • In end 2007 WTO established its air-cargo office in Sofia airport complex.
  • Within a short time, WTO became a sales agent of the biggest airlines.
  • In March, 2008 WTO announced own LCL service from Far East and very shortly the company became a leader in the LCL market in Bulgaria.
  • In 2008, WTO obtained a Bulgarian-Greek Railways Contract between Thessaloniki – Sofia.
  • In 2008 WTO opened office in Plovdiv.
  • WTO today has 4 Offices in Bulgaria
  • WTO opened its subsidiary in Belgrade, Serbia in 2009
  • WTO opened its subsidiary in Koper, Slovenia in 2010
  • WTO opened its subsidiary in Zagreb, Croatia in 2010
  • WTO opened new subsidiary in Constanza, Romania in February, 2013